#닭한마리 몸보양식!!배속훈훈해지는주말저녁~

#닭한마리 몸보양식!!배속훈훈해지는주말저녁~


헉 깜짝놀랐다 그 아이인줄 알고,ㅋㅋ
아니여서 다행이었는데 은근히 기대했는지도 모르겠네 뜨허 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ심장 콩다콩닥해

Fuck !!!!’







지친다 지쳐 넌 참 답이없다

아진짜짜증나 왜 다치고 다녀!!!!!!!!!조심좀하지!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SO, I’m trying to get back into Blogging “MODE”, its like learning to walk again, at first it was, well, what do I NOT want to say, then it was, well, what’s gonna NOT make me seem like a TOOL, Then it dawned on me, the reason I started this TUMBLR Back when there were only 14 other Users…


Has it suddenly occurred to you that something you have been counting on may not actually be as available to you as you once believed? You thought that a problem was solved. You thought you had all the resources you needed to tackle a big challenge. But now, one by one, you are finding reasons to believe that you aren’t quite as safe and secure as you once thought. But that’s an illusion, Pisces. Even though you can’t presently see all the resources you need right before your eyes, they are there. Don’t lose faith now when you are so close.

DailyHoroscope for Pisces
Feb 29 2012 
Celebrate Leap Day, this unusual day that comes only once every four years, by doing something completely different. This is a day to take chances, Pisces. This is a day to focus on long-lost dreams and plans. You have recently or will soon celebrate your birthday. It’s about time you allowed yourself to be courageous with your life goals. Use this time to reflect on where you are and where you want to be. The universe is encouraging you to be bold and brave and to pursue an even better and more rewarding life path

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